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Including Click-To-SMS Links on Your Website

Looking for an easy way to drive user engagement on your mobile website? Click-to-Call phone numbers are great, and most web browsers will even automatically recognize telephone numbers and turn them into clickable links.

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How To Enable GZIP Compression

Page load times are important. The faster your site loads, the better. Google has been making it clear since 2010 that page speed matters when it comes to search rankings. Page load times also affect user experience, with slow sites having the potential to frustrate visitors. The common consensus seems to be that slower sites will have a higher bounce rate, but a recent analysis of nearly 2000 Google Analytics properties has shown that there is no correlation between page speed and bounce rate.

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Dynamically Adding Active Class to Bootstrap Navbar

If you are using Bootstrap on a static website, you might have run into the problem of highlighting the active pages on the navbar.

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